If you only buy one book, Miles Irving is hard to beat with comprehensive guide to plants and their uses, photographed at stage when they are good to forage, one big drawback, unless you already know your plants they can be difficult to recognize as all photos are in black/white. So if you add John Feehan’s Wild flowers its a great combination. John Feehan’s book is a guide to the flowering plants of Offaly, which luckily has diverse habitats so most plants covered, (no trees) with clear photos and packed full of detailed information on pollination and folk medicine a fascinating read.

Then if it’s seaweed you want to identify and cook with you won’t find better than Prannie Rathigan’s book, info on gathering and nutrition along with recipes from well respected chefs.

For mushrooms I would strongly recommend first getting to know someone else who knows their mushrooms and also having a good source to identify. It is always good to learn “look alike” species and a good encyclopedia is a must. Antonio Carluccio is a good source for cooking and preserving.

Of course the internet is a great place to hunt for photos but the best way to learn your plants and most especially mushrooms is to go forage with someone knowledgeable and get first hand experience.

  • The Forager Handbook: A Guide to the Edible Plants of Britain

Miles Irving

Ebury Press

  • The Wildflowers of Offaly
    John Feehan
    Offaly County Council
  • Complete Mushroom BookAntonio Carluccio
    Quadrille Publishing Ltd
  • Jams and Preserves
    Olive Odell
    Century Publishing
  • The Great Encyclopedia of Mushrooms
    Jean-Louis Lamaison, Jean-Marie Polese
  • Sloe Gin and Beeswax:  Seasonal Recipes & Hints from Traditional Household Storerooms
    Jane Newdick
    Charles Lefts & Co Ltd
  • Wild Food
    Rodger Philips
    Orbis Publishing London
  • Healing Drinks
    Anne McIntyre
    Gaia Books
  • Ray Mears Wild Food
    Ray Mears and Gordon Hillman
  • Peggy Hutchinson’s Homemade Wine Secrets
    Peggy Hutchinson
    W. Foulsham & Co. Ltd.
  • River Cottage Handbook No. 7: Hedgerow
    John Wright
  • Herbal Cures: Healing Remedies from Ireland

    Christine Scallan
  • Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World
    Paul Stamets
    Ten Speed Press
  • Food foe Free

Richard Mabey

  • Mushroom cultivator,

Paul Stamets

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