In response to many requests here is the recipe for “The bread” you will need  an hour and ten mins, an oven which heats to at least 220 degrees centigrade but 250 is ideal. This is a very sticky mix and you don’t want to leave half of it on the tin, so bake on a silicone sheet or parchment liberally sprinkled with flour.


800grms strong white flour,

2 teaspoons,15grms dried yeast, or two sachets.

1 teaspoon salt,

1 teaspoon sugar,

600mls of water at blood heat.

Use a bowl large enough to allow dough to triple in size. Mix all dry ingredient  together, add 400mls of  water and mix, you want a mix which is too wet to form loaves but not too sloppy, continue to add water and mix ensuring there are no lumps or pockets of dry flour in the mix.

Cover bowl with a damp teatowel or cling wrap and allow to rise for one hour or till 2 and half times original volume.

After 45mins turn on oven and set to 250 degrees centigrade.

Prepare baking sheets with silicone or baking parchment and a good sprinkle of flour.

Flour your work surface, I use sieve to sprinkle flour as it gives nice even layer,

turn out dough onto surface, dough should be like honeycomb.

Sprinkle with light layer of flour and using a dough cutter or big knife with floured blade divide dough into 4, pick up each piece quickly and flip it over onto  baking sheet.

bake in oven for 12mins till nicely browned and risen, I remove from baking trays after ten mins and bake directly on oven shelf for last two mins. The oven should be hot enough to scorch the parchment and excess flour on your baking sheet.

Every oven is different, if at first it’s not perfect don’t give up and try again.

Now here’s the clean up bit, scrape all remaining flour from work surface into your sticky mixing bowl and rub to dry flour

into the bowl to pick up the remains of dough,   this makes cleaning up so much easier as you won’t be clogging sink with gluey mix.

This method works well with wholemeal flour also giving a very tasty loaf and of course you can add seeds nuts herbs to your bread.

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