Hazelnut and Blackberry recipies

Blackberry Friands


  • 1 cup plain flour,
  • 1 and half cups Icing sugar, sieved,
  • 100grms ground almonds,
  • half cup dessicated coconut,
  • 180grms butter, melted and cooled,
  • 200grms fresh Blackberries, rinsed.
  • 5 egg whites,


Set oven to 200degrees centigrade,

Bake in  friand pan or muffin pan.

Beat egg whites until peaks form,

Mix all dry ingredients together, then carefully fold in egg whites,

Add cooled butter, put two blackberries into each muffin case, add remainder to mixture and stir in being careful not to overmix so the blackberries remain whole and don’t “bleed” into mix, Bake in oven for ten to fifteen mins till skewer comes out clean, Delicious served with spiced Blackberry jelly, a dollop of icecream and hazelnut crackle.

Hazelnut Crackle


  • 200grms shelled Hazelnuts,
  • 200grms sugar 2 tablespoons water,
  • Baking parchment or silicone baking sheet,
  • A few Borage or other edible flowers(optional)

Heat a heavy pan, and add hazelnuts,

Allow to toast shaking the pan frequently,

Tip out the hazelnuts onto a clean tea towel and wrap the nuts and rub them in towel to remove the outer brown skin, this can stain your tea towel so i use a dark colour towel for this part. Discard skins and chop nuts roughly.Spread nuts on parchment or silicone.

Meanwhile using a heavy based sausepan dissolve the sugar in the water without stirring, shake pan now and then,

Continue to heat till the sugar caramelises and turns golden brown, pour the syrup over the nuts, add some flowers or petals or even chopped Rosemary and allow to set, break into shards and use to decorate deserts or ice cream

Blackberry friands with hazelnut crackle, yummm

Blackberry friands with hazelnut crackle, yummm

Eve and Titi picking blackberries

Eve and Titi picking blackberries

Julie's dancing flower fairy

Julie’s dancing flower fairy

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