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Its summer at last,warm days and nights,of course this can mean high pollen and bouts of hay fever. If you suffer you might like to try drinking a herbal tea made from nettle, elderflower, plantain and camomile, just go to recipe section for tips. Also the wonderful Elderflower is again adorning the hedges and I have posted recipe for hugely popular elderflower delight.

For many people its also exam time and all that can mean; lemon balm is known as the scholar’s herb, and although it is not wild it deserves a mention for its very calming effect while also improving concentration and memory. It is lovely in your homemade cordial or as herbal tea. I have just made a batch of nettle and blackcurrant cordial and am sipping it now with added lemon balm, so summery.

What`s going on,

Everywhere is growth and life, the trees are in leaf and the grass is high. Its time to get beech leaf macerating before it becomes too tough, recipe provided and you could try an oak leaf wine too. Then the elderflower is just opening so elderflower cordial, “champagne” and delight are all crying out to be made. Elderflowers also dry very well if you’ve got the space, time and inclination.I have gathered some nori seaweed and it is drying, can’t wait to try a recipe from Prannie Rathigan`s book – either triple ginger cake with Guinness or maybe a chocolatey fudgy desert.

Also dried and ready for use is the heady scented woodruff. I will try it in homemade icecream which can be eaten with last few pots of raspberry compote, gotta make space for this year`s bounty.

I have met some very interesting fellow foragers on recent walks and swapped lots of tips andsnippets of knowledge. Alison has made beech leaf noyeau using unrefined sugar, honey or plain granulated and she is sure that the plain granulated gives the best results. Amelie uses carrigin to help set her jams and thats something I have often thought about, also would love to try in elderflower delight and try to produce a vegan friendly version.


Hay fever tea?

Time for more recipies, so many things going on, lots of growth which is great but high pollen means hay fever for many people. If you are one of the unfortunate afflicted you could try a herbal tea made of Nettle, Elderflower, Ribwort Plantain and Camomile. I do not have a recipe for this and happily don’t suffer but here is a suggestion, I would be grateful for any other ideas and especially feedback on this. Buy herbal camomile tea and brew up with a handfull of Ribwort Plantain leaves, a glove-full of Nettle tops and 3 Elderflower heads (stalks removed). Allow to infuse for 5 minutes before straining, sweeten with honey or unrefined sugar if liked.


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