Rose Petal Butter biscuits,

It’s June and wow it’s actually summer. Today I picked my first batch of the heavenly scented Rosa Rugosa full of fragrance on this beautiful sunny day.Pick your petals somewhere clean and free from spray.

As  write one half of petals are infusing, ready for making delicate rose petal jelly while the other half have been baked into shortbread, Yum yum, so simple, so lovely.  Use your favourite shortbread recipe, adding a generous hand full of chopped fresh petals, or try this one.I rolled the dough thin between two sheets of parchment, you can then cut pretty shapes before baking or bake in one piece and cut up while still warm from oven.Don’t  wolf these down, they require a restrained approach, allow to melt in the mouth, relax and imagine you’re a pampered Persian Princess,  works for me!

Rose petal Butter Biscuit,

Heat oven to 175 degree centigrade.

2 handsfull of petals chopped,

300grms butter,

350grms plain flour,

100 grms caster sugar,

extra sugar for top.

Rub the flour sugar and butter together in a bowl, when they begin to come together add rose petals and work through the mix.

Flatten the mixture onto a parchment lined tin or circular cake tin, sprinkle with caster sugar and bake for about 20 mins till golden, keep eye so as not to over cook and spoil the flavour they should be light golden.

Cool and cut up while still warm, enjoy as is or try with first strawberries or good Vanilla ice-cream.

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