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It’s been a great year for wild food, still going. Sat Nov 30th a stroll in Slieve Blooms gave a large haul of Hedgehog mushrooms and amazingly also some Chanterelles.

The Oak leaves are dry and crispy, time to harvest some for wine and at home there is Blackberry wine to bottle, Elderberry syrup to make from frozen juice, Damson Vodka to bottle, Truffles to make from the drunken Damsons and lots lots more.

I have had a fab year, met so many interesting people, thanks for all the emails and interest and wishing each and everyone peace and a happy new year.

Transition Year workshop samples

Transition Year workshop samples

Pickled Mushroom, Prawoziwki marynowane

This pickle recipe is from Raphael’s mum. In Poland pickled mushrooms are served as part of  Christmas Eve dinner. This is for small Ceps but works well with almost all edible mushrooms and you can add more herbs. Antonio carluccio  goes further still and pickles then preserves in oil and chillie. If using different mushrooms boil seperately at first to sterilize.

I part 10% white wine vinegar, if using 6% use two parts.

5 parts water,

bay leaf and all spice.

Clean and boil small Ceps in salty water till soft.

Meanwhile put all pickle ingredients into steel sausepan and bring to boil.

Pack mushrooms into small sterilized jars and top up with boiling pickle.

the mushrooms should be completely covered by liquid.

Seal and leave for at least a month before use.

store in cool dry place and check now and again that they are not fermenting or deteriorating,they will kepp for 4 months or so.

Lovely as piquant nibble or strained and tossed in oil for a different experience.

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