The last few weeks of warmth and sun mean it’s looking good for a healthy Bramble harvest, I’m delighted to have  noticed quite a few bumble bees on the brambles and it looks like plenty of berries have set and are beginning to swell, as i write this I am sipping a glass of last year’s Blackberry wine, of which sadly there is very little.




While visiting kenmare last week for the food festival I  stayed with Dana and this magnificent Angelica plant was growing in her garden, it’s not too late to preserve some if you like, it makes a great treat a looks marvellous in a fruit cake.

then i took the long road home stopping off in Clare to gather some seaweed from the shore for the garden, it id crispy dry already ready for chopping up and adding to soil to enrich the beds.

On Sunday I spent a very pleasant few hours in the company of Angela, Justin and Emmett, learning about the ancient hill of Uisneach and expanding my understanding of herbs.

That night I received a lovely gift of a new herb book, thanks E&E very appropriate.

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