1 liter of nettle tops (packed loosely in measuring jug)

2 litres of blackcurrant leaves

1 kg unrefined sugar

1 teaspoon citric acid (optional)

Citric acid is used to improve keeping time if you wish to store your cordial for a month or so.

Put leaves into saucepan with 2 liters of water and bring to boil, boil for 5 minutes, cover and allow to infuse for few hours or overnight. Strain and return the juice to saucepan, reheat and when warm add sugar, stirring to dissolve, bring to boil and boil for 5 minutes, turn off heat and (if using) add citric acid. Stir to dissolve, Bottle.

Please note, this cordial is made with short cooking time, nettles love to ferment so keep in fridge or cold place and use within a month, easy to make a new batch and you can use Lemon Balm leaves or lemon to flavor.

Enjoy diluted to taste with water, sparkling water or even in a spritzer.

Nettles have a high protein and calcium content, also betacarotene and lots of vitamins.

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