So its a wet weekend, a wet bank holiday weekend, but thats not all bad news, after the warm weather, wet weather usually means Mushrooms and sure enough when we went searching on the last day of May we found St.George`s Mushrooms (Calocybe gambosa) I had the great privelidge of sharing them with Dermot O Neill in his glorious garden, we ate them with young Ribworth plantain buds, yum, so good I served them the same way for dinner the next day, even the non mushroom lovers had second helps.

I have made first two batches of Elderflower delight, scoffed the lot in minutes so have not yet tried drying in warm oven or hot press for 3 days but will make more today.The other members of household are making cordials and “Champagne”

The Gorse wine is bottled now and looking very pretty and Beech leaf is ready to strain and bottle, Dermot and I had a little preview tasting and we reckon tis mighty stuff altogether so if you have`nt got at least one bottle on the go all I can say is Why not?? there are still a few young leaves to be found but not for long.


Other mushrooms appear around this time too and if you are lucky and know where to search you may find Field mushrooms (Agaricus campestris) Horse mushrooms (Agaricus arvensis) or even some early appearing members of the Boletus family, but please please do not be foolish with mushrooms and do not eat any mushrooms unless you are sure that they are safe.


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