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Isin’t it just fab to have a REAL SUMMER!!!

when  Mundy’s song makes perfect sense and everyone is in a good mood and dressed in happy clothes. You might think it’s a lazy time for a forager with most green leaves gone to flower and seed, I am  busy.  Most days I’m up and out by 6am getting to the raspberries and blackcurrants before the birds or watering the veg.

Later in the day it’s a good time to pick blossom when they have basked in sun, or take a trip to Slieve Blooms in search of Fraughans. Yesterday I splashed through mountain streams with two lovely lasses from Columbia and Patagonia swopping stories of wild foods and folk traditions and watching dippers forage for their dinner in their own special way.

Then we travelled over  to other side of the mountain to see what we could see, stopping off to admire the bridge at Mockinew where we came across some pretty oyster mushrooms. Later today I will be joining Justin and Emmett for a walk at the hill of Uisneach where between us we will explore the history, herbs and wild foods of that special place, then it’s home to dry some herbs and start a few wines from garden and wild things.

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