Lots of you seem to have tried and given thumbs up to the Rosemary hangover cure, gotta say we used quite a bit of it here too all in the intrests of research and quality control of course. Plenty of intrest in nettle recipies too, I hope my replies are getting posted as Im still finding my way round website etc.

I have been using a lot of ginger too, its a great liver stimulant and also boosts the digestive system, a glass of hot ginger and lemon is a real wake up first thing every day.

Now its time to get moving on all I want to do this year, got off to pretty good start with lots of walks,there is a surprising amount of fresh greens in the hedgerows due to the mild weather, we picked Navelworth (Umbilicus rupestris), Common Sorrell (Rumex acetosa) and Corn Salad(Valerianella locusta) on Jan first and found some still juicy Sloes too, so if I can rustle  lup a bottle of vodka will start some Sloe vodka, yumm. The Ramsons Garlic(Allium ursinum) is coming up under the trees here so its worth checking if your patch is as early.

The birds are singing away in the garden today convinced its spring, this year I want to try to grow Oyster Mushrooms(Pleurotus ostreatus) on Oak logs and even have a shot at Morels(Morchella elata) IF I can find the spore for sale online it would be fantastic to have them. Paul Stamets book Mycellium Running has really good advice on how to do and is a fantastic read. If you have recipies you would like to see or a plant or topic to discuss just let me know meantime happy foraging.

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