Gorse wine recipe

Gorse wine recipe
Gorse wine fermenting in demijohn

Two and half litres of blossom,

Five litres of hot water,

Zest and juice of two lemons,

One kg sugar,

Half kg raisins,

One sachet of white wine yeast.


Pick blossom on dry day, put blossom, water and sugar into white plastic bucket, stir and allow to sit for a week, stir every day and push the blossom down into liquid. strain out blossom and put liquid into demijohn, add yeast, airlock and leave in warm place to ferment. The wine should ferment rapidly at first and then slow down with a build up of sediment in the vessel. Carefully siphon wine from sediment after about two weeks and rinse out the demijohn. return wine to demijohn and allow to continue fermenting until fermentation in complete. You can add a campden tablet at this stage but I prefer to keep the wine additive free. Bottle and leave 6 months before drinking.

(recipe adapted from Peggy Hutchinson’s homemade wine secrets)

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