I have been asked to post recipe for Sloe Gin so here is my version, but I would like to say that it’s well worthwhile making Damson Gin or vodka and when the fruit has given it’s flavour to the maceration it can be used as a filling for Chocolate truffles or other delicious treats.

Damson Plums

Damson Plums
Damsons ready to pick

Damson Vodka or Sloe Gin

Bottle of gin or vodka (750mls)

200grms sugar

450grms fruit,

11/2 litre capacity bottle or jar with lid.

This is a maceration and requires just patience to produce a delicious liquoer. If I can afford it I try to make triple batch and macerate in a demijon but any glass container with lid and large enough to hold fruit and alcohol will do.

If using Damsons choose sound but ripe fruit, which should be ready in early September, if using Sloes you will need to wait till about Halloween for the fruit to ripen, many people say the Sloes require a touch of frost to be at their best but you could always freeze them for an hour or two if you must. Also old recipies require you to sit and prick each and every sloe before adding to alcohol, I just crush them a little, works well and is a lot less work.Sometimes I add 3drops of Almond essence per batch to the Sloe Gin.

Put clean fruit into container, add sugar and alcohol. shake to mix and leave to macerate in a cool place. shake mix each day to help dissolve sugar, when all sugar is dissolved leave to macerate for at least ten weeks. Strain and bottle reserving fruit for use again. The berries or Damsons will keep very well in a jar until needed.

The liqueor can be used about 3 months from start date but if you can leave for a year it mellows beautifully, also I tend to bottle in amounts of 250 to 350mls using elegant bottles which I recycle or buy.

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