At last the spring flowers are beginning to appear and not only do they lift the spirits mightily but they can be used to make some very pretty and useful things from syrups, wines, jellies to the very delicate and pretty crystallized

Julie's dancing flower fairy

Julie's dancing flower fairy
Julie’s dancing flower fairy

flowers to decorate desserts and cakes.

If you have never made homemade wine a flower wine is a good starting place as they are easy and drinkable fairly soon after bottling, nothing as nice as a glass of flower wine to sip on a sunny day.This recipe is based on one from Peggy Hutchinson and you can try it with a combination of flowers like Gorse blooms, Mayblossom,Elderflower blossom.

Dandelion Wine

Per demijohn (5to 6 bottles)

5litre of dandelion flowers,cleaned of stalks and calyx.

5 liter water,


1 Orange, zest and juice,

2 lemons zest and juice,

1.5kg sugar,

450 grams raisins,

Sachet of wine yeast or baking yeast,

demijohn and airlock.

  • Pick flowers on a sunny day as dandelions close at night and in rain.
  • bring water to boil, in batches if necessary and pour over the blossom.
  • Stir and leave to infuse for 3 days, stirring now and then.
  • Strain and squeeze out blossom.
  • Put liquid, raisins, sugar,zest, juice into large saucepan and heat gently, stirring to dissolve sugar.
  • Bring to boil and boil for 10 minutes, allow to cool to blood heat.
  • Strain into sterilized demijohns and air lock.
  • Leave to ferment in a warm place, where temp is fairly constant.
  • Rack after about 3 weeks and allow to ferment to finish.This varies from 3 to about 6 weeks.
  • Leave to clear for 2 weeks.
  • Siphon into sterilized bottles  label  and leave to mature for 3 months.

This is lovely chilled and served half and half with prosecco. Last year’s Gorse blossom wine is our current favorite. If  you need help or advice on wine making please send queries, have fun.





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