So it’s a poor year for berries but still managed to gather a few kilos of Black berries and as i have stocks of jam from last year and the berries were a bit damp I have started some wine which is happily burping away in the hotpress.

this is how I make it.

You will need,

  • Small bucket or bowl, about 7litre capacity,
  • Cover or lid for bowl,
  • Means of sterilizing all equipment,
  • Jug and funnel,
  • sieve or jelly bag to strain out berries,
  • Demijon and air lock.

Ingredients,per demijon.

  • 2kg fresh blackberries,
  • 1and half kg sugar,
  • sachet red wine yeast,
  • teaspoon pectolase,
  • about 3half litres water.


put blackberries and water into sterilized bucket or bowl and crush the berries, cover so no vinegar fly can get in, lid or cloth and leave in warm place for few days, strain out the berries crushing more to get as much flavour as possible.

add the sugar to the strained liquid and stir till dissolved, if you like at this stage you can use a hydrometer to determine the sugar content and start point of ferment but you don’t have to.

transfer to demijon filling to about 10cm from top, if you have juice left over keep in bottle in fridge.

add yeast and pectolase to demijon and airlock.

Leave to ferment in a warm place shaking each day. fermentation should be rapid in first week, afterabout a week when fermentation has slowed allow reserved juice to come to room temp and top up demijon.

Allow to continue fermenting and rack, (siphon off from residue) wine after 3-4 weeks, discard residue and return wine to clean demijon and continue fermenting.

Some people “stop” their wine by adding a campden tablet i prefer to leave it ferment as long as it takes (6-10) and then bottle.

Most important, leave it to mellow and mature for at least 6 months.




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