2015 Diary dates Jan, Feb, Mar.

2015, my workshops will be getting off to an early start this  year.

January Sat,24th Roundwood House Laois, see www.roundwoodhouse.com or call 057 87321

February Sunday 15th Roundwood House Laois, book as above.

February Saturday 21st, Clareen Offaly, book 087/7418536.

March 21st, Clareen Offaly, book 087/7418536.

March 29th, Roundwood House Laois, book 057 87321.

The Sunday at  Roundwood House is offered as part of overnight stay,  also open to non-residentsapril-pics-046


Pignut / Fairy Potato / Prata Sioga

Ready at last, Beech Leaf Liqueur

Ready at last, Beech Leaf Liqueur

day visitors, call Hannah or Paddy for details.

Christmas and New year 2014/15

Sunset, frozen lake 2 Mini forest Billy eve at sunset boathouse Crib D Max Oys Detail Fireplace Front door gifts Gorse bloom 2nd Jan Hellibore (2) Hiker's shadows kitchen ceiling Me n oys stump place setting 2 Scoops waiting for Santa Sphagnum mossThis time of year it’s special to find something to collect, a stump of fallen Beech passed many times suddenly blooms with a large crop of Oyster Mushrooms and a mountain hike has Navelworth and early Gorse blooms. The real stars at this time are the winter sunlight and the colours of bogs and mountains, tiny details of moss and lichen, frozen branch and droplets on grass.

In the garden I have planted spuds, peas and garlic in polytunnel and harvested very last Tomatoes, a huge bunch of Parsley and some Beetroot along with wild Corn salad. The Parsley goes to make fresh zingy pesto with walnuts and cashews, later in spring I will make it again with addition of Nettles.

The other thing winter is great for is using your store cupboard foods, this year we made Elderflower ice-cream, Wild mushroom risotto,Pigeon breast with Blackberry sauce,Nettle cordial, Blackberry Liqueur, spiced Elderberry syrup. Damson Vodka and a very unusual dish of Sauterkraut with Wild mushrooms, damson vodka and Juniper berries. 


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